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RE: RAID chunk size configuration from kickstart

As far as I know, not for the root fs which "normally" shouldn't be a problem since setting the chunk size is a performance tuning task and you typically don't do high load tasks against your root fs (Well I don't anyway). So, I'd suggest simply building a small root fs using the normal kick start methods, then elsewhere in your post section, manually create the raid device and file-system where you need to set the chunk size.

Also, this is sort of predicated by all of your nodes are exactly the same and have exactly the same (or very similar) workload.


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Subject: Re: RAID chunk size configuration from kickstart

Jay Naikwadi wrote:
Hi ,

I am trying to deploy software raid setup using  kickstart and was wondering if I can specify chunk-size as parameter in kickstart file.I am using RHEL 6.  I didn't see any documentation for this parameter in kickstart. The default installation seems to be using 512K as chunk size whereas I would like to set it to 8MB . This is new device configuration and there is nothing configured on system before this.

If kickstart does not allow setting this parameter ,  Is there another way in %pre , %post sections where we can change it ?  How else this parameter could be set for  '/' ,  '/boot/'  partitions  on clean install ?

Thanks and regards,

Any suggestions about how this could be done ?


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