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RE: Using kickstart on large disks

Why not just create the /db volume in the %post?

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Subject: Using kickstart on large disks

Hi -

I was wondering if you guys had some thoughts on an issue I'm running
into using kickstart to automate installs on intel x86 servers with
large disks (~16 TB).

What I'm trying to achieve is simple: a root volume of 100GB, and a
database volume on all remaining space.
It appears however that anaconda is restricting logical volumes to 8TB,
even for ext4 partitions.

I narrowed the problematic code down to storage/formats/fs.py where the
Ext4 file type extends via Ext3 from Ext2, in which I saw this line:
_maxSize = 8 * 1024 * 1024

Is there a reason for this limit to be inherited down to Ext4 partitions
as well? See my kickstart snippet below - the "/db" partition has the
--grow option, but it will not grow beyond 8TB due to the code above,
leaving nearly 8TB completely unused on the server.

clearpart --all
bootloader --location=mbr

# Create partitions: 200 MB for boot, remaining for everything else.
part /boot --size=200 --fstype ext3
part pv.01 --size=1 --grow

# Create a single volume group
volgroup vg pv.01

# Create a swap volume of "recommended size", a root volume of 100GB
# and a database volume on the remaining space
logvol swap   --fstype swap --name=swap_vol  --vgname=vg --recommended
logvol /      --fstype ext4 --name=root_vol  --vgname=vg --size=100000
logvol /db    --fstype ext4 --name=db_vol    --vgname=vg --size=1 --grow

Thanks in advance,


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