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Re: Using kickstart on large disks

Hi Arun

----- "Arun" <twelvefortyfive yahoo com> escribió:

> Hi -
> I was wondering if you guys had some thoughts on an issue I'm running
> into using kickstart to automate installs on intel x86 servers with
> large disks (~16 TB).
> What I'm trying to achieve is simple: a root volume of 100GB, and a
> database volume on all remaining space.
> It appears however that anaconda is restricting logical volumes to
> 8TB, even for ext4 partitions.
> I narrowed the problematic code down to storage/formats/fs.py where
> the Ext4 file type extends via Ext3 from Ext2, in which I saw this
> line:
> _maxSize = 8 * 1024 * 1024
> Is there a reason for this limit to be inherited down to Ext4
> partitions as well? See my kickstart snippet below - the "/db"
> partition has the --grow option, but it will not grow beyond 8TB due
> to the code above, leaving nearly 8TB completely unused on the
> server.


See the section related to capabilities/limits, specially when it says that for EL5 limits is 8TB, but for 5.1 is 16TB, for bigger FS you'll need gfs.

It's usual to have gfs in 'solo' mode for getting better performance for larger storage capabilities.


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