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need test cases

I'm working on a major improvement to the kickstart file parser in
pykickstart that will allow for you to define your own custom %sections.
I think this will be really handy for various specialty purposes.
Unfortunately, when I wrote pykickstart back in 2005 I didn't make it
easy to do this so I'm having to almost completely rewrite one critical

In order to make sure I don't screw up anything that was previously
working, I'm adding test cases.  As you may know, pykickstart already
has a lot of test cases for the commands, but there are none for the
parser itself.  I'd like to change that.

What I could use is a little imagination here.  If you have a kickstart
file that does anything interesting as far as %pre/%post/%traceback
scripts, %includes, etc., I would like to see it and include it as a
test case with your permission.  I'm not really interested in the
commands themselves, and I'm not especially interested in the contents
of the scripts (that is, if you have some huge script that generates
partitioning, it's not really helpful as a test for this).

So, what do you have?

- Chris

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