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Re: need test cases

On Friday 03 Jun 2011 16:08:25 Chris Lumens wrote:
> What I could use is a little imagination here.  If you have a kickstart
> file that does anything interesting as far as %pre/%post/%traceback
> scripts, %includes, etc., I would like to see it and include it as a
> test case with your permission.  I'm not really interested in the
> commands themselves, and I'm not especially interested in the contents
> of the scripts (that is, if you have some huge script that generates
> partitioning, it's not really helpful as a test for this).
> So, what do you have?

Not much left if you cut contents of the scripts out, here's mine (URLs, IPs and passwords substituted):

# Kickstart config file generated by Spacewalk Config Management
# Profile Label : centos-5-i386-testing
# Date Created  : 2011-03-14 11:55:32.0

network --bootproto static --device eth0 --ip --netmask --gateway --nameserver, --hostname 
url --url http://spacewalk.internal.example.com/ks/dist/centos-5.5-i386
lang en_GB.UTF-8
keyboard uk
clearpart --all --initlabel
bootloader --location mbr
timezone --utc Europe/London
auth --enablemd5 --enableshadow
rootpw --iscrypted $1$xSM0PmxP$lK.i7J88n9EEh/u.c2vcF/
key --skip
services --enabled=httpd,nfs,snmpd,ntpd --disabled=pcscd,smartd
repo --name=vmware-tools-5-i686 --baseurl=http://spacewalk.internal.example.com/ks/dist/child/vmware-tools-5-i686/centos-5.5-i386
repo --name=centos-5-updates-i386 --baseurl=http://spacewalk.internal.example.com/ks/dist/child/centos-5-updates-i386/centos-5.5-i386
repo --name=hgs-nonfree-5-i386 --baseurl=http://spacewalk.internal.example.com/ks/dist/child/hgs-nonfree-5-i386/centos-5.5-i386
repo --name=centos-5-extras-i386 --baseurl=http://spacewalk.internal.example.com/ks/dist/child/centos-5-extras-i386/centos-5.5-i386
repo --name=spacewalk-client-i386 --baseurl=http://spacewalk.internal.example.com/ks/dist/child/spacewalk-client-i386/centos-5.5-i386
repo --name=epel-5-i386 --baseurl=http://spacewalk.internal.example.com/ks/dist/child/epel-5-i386/centos-5.5-i386
repo --name=hgs-rebuids-5-i386 --baseurl=http://spacewalk.internal.example.com/ks/dist/child/hgs-rebuids-5-i386/centos-5.5-i386
repo --name=hgs-5-i386 --baseurl=http://spacewalk.internal.example.com/ks/dist/child/hgs-5-i386/centos-5.5-i386
part /boot --fstype=ext2 --size=200 --ondisk=sda --asprimary --label=boot
part pv.01 --size=1024 --grow --ondisk=sda
volgroup ct pv.01
logvol swap --fstype=swap --name=swapvol --vgname=ct --recommended
logvol / --fstype=ext3 --name=rootvol --vgname=ct --size=1024 --grow

@ Base
# Unneeded "default" packages from @base
# Needed optional packages from @base
# Do some exceptions (not needed) from @printing:
# Only install mutt from @text-internet, others not needed
# From @mail-server; only needed to reconfigure sendmail
# From @system-tools
# From ?
# VMWare Tools
# For Spacewalk registration

# Packages required by Progress/OpenEdge

# pre_install_network_config generated code

%pre --logfile /tmp/ks-pre.log.1
# resolv.conf setup

%post --nochroot
# copy logs

%post --nochroot --interpreter /usr/bin/python
# get Spacewalk re-activation keys

%post --logfile /root/ks-rhn-post.log
# install Spacewalk keys, prep and register
# disable distribution default repositories
# apply post-activation actions
# post_install_network_config generated code

%post --interpreter /usr/bin/python --logfile /root/ks-post.log.2
# yum config tweaks

%post --logfile /root/ks-post.log.3
# resolv and FQDN setup
# auth setup
# sudoers setup
# TSM service setup
# Progress OpenEdge setup
# Python path setup

%post --interpreter /usr/bin/python --logfile /root/ks-post.log.4
# patch /etc/bashrc


# koan environment setup
# end of generated kickstart file

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