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Issue using --percent with "logvol" in RHEL 6 kickstart file

When kicking with percent-based partitions, the logical volume creation errors.
logvol / --vgname=myvg --size=1 --name=rootvol --grow --percent=90

An error was encountered while activating your storage configuration
lvcreate failed for vglocal00/log00: 11:30:57,333 ERROR: Unable to create new logical volume with no extents


Based on the bug report, it appears to be fixed in RHEL 6.1 but I am still getting the error.

Has anyone else seen this or have a workaround?  This is the partitioning scheme I am trying to accomplish:

part /boot --fstype "ext3" --size=250 --asprimary
part pv.01   --size=1 --grow --ondisk=sda
volgroup vglocal00 pv.01
logvol swap     --fstype swap --name=swap00 --vgname=vglocal00 --size=2048
logvol /tmp        --fstype ext4 --name=tmp00  --vgname=vglocal00 --size=2048
logvol /var/log    --fstype ext4 --name=log00  --vgname=vglocal00 --percent=10
logvol /        --fstype ext4 --name=root00 --vgname=vglocal00 --percent=90


Jeff Wells - Supervisor, RHCE
OS Deployment Services | Kickstart & RPM Dev

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