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raid --useexisting isn't working in F14

I'm trying to kickstart Fedora 14 onto an existing system.  In older versions of Fedora, I could just do raid --useexisting.  But, now I'm getting this error, before anaconda even fully loads:

Running anaconda 14.22, the Fedora system installer - please wait.
17:46:04 The following error was found while parsing the kickstart configuration file:

The following problem occurred on line 39 of the kickstart file:

Partitions required for raid

install exited abnormally [1/1]
The system will be rebooted when you press Ctrl-C or Ctrl-Alt-Delete.

The raid lines of the kickstart look like this:
raid /boot --fstype=ext4 --level=1 --device=md0 --useexisting
raid / --fstype=ext4 --level=5 --device=md1 --useexisting
raid /usr --fstype=ext4 --level=5 --device=md2 --useexisting
raid /var --fstype=ext4 --level=5 --device=md3 --useexisting
raid /data --fstype=ext4 --level=5 --device=md4 --useexisting --noformat

I tried adding part commands for each partition, and listing them on the raid lines, and it got a bit further, but then errored with something like "specified raid device which doesn't exist: md0"

Any ideas?

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