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Re: Multiple CDs for install

On 09/22/2011 04:27 PM, Daniel Neuberger wrote:
Anyone know how to use multiple CDs for a KS install? We're on RHEL 5.5
and the best documentation I've found is
http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Anaconda/Customization, which isn't that
helpful. I'm having trouble figuring out how to setup my repositories
and run the needed commands correctly. Some better documentation would
be very helpful.

Thanks for the help!

- Daniel

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If you are just downloading the RHEL cd iso images, then you can put them all in a directory on an nfs server and then set

nfs --server <servername> --dir <absolute path of dir containing isos>

in your kickstart file. Anaconda finds them and switches from one iso image to the next as it progresses.

However, once the DVDs were made available, I switched to using those isos instead.


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