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RE: Multiple CDs for install

> From: Daniel Neuberger [mailto:daniel neuberger gmail com]
> Sent: 23 September 2011 14:48
> On 09/23/2011 09:17 AM, Hugh Brown wrote:
> > If you are just downloading the RHEL cd iso images, then you can put
> > them all in a directory on an nfs server and then set
> >
> > nfs --server <servername> --dir <absolute path of dir containing
> isos>
> >
> > in your kickstart file. Anaconda finds them and switches from one iso
> > image to the next as it progresses.
> >
> > However, once the DVDs were made available, I switched to using those
> > isos instead.
> Thanks, to clarify, we have our build, but the resulting folder is
> larger than what fits on one DVD.  It works fine using the http method
> or even using the ISO to install a VM, but we need to be able to
> install
> from physical DVDs as well.  Does anyone know of a good reference
> showing how to split the install across multiple DVDs?

The command to do that is splittree.py, part of the anaconda-runtime package
and located in /usr/lib/anaconda-runtime.  It does provide a brief usage
message and, as a python script, you can read the list of command options
from the script itself.  It is normally run after buildinstall when creating
new install CDs.

The more modern way of doing it is to use one of the release-building
packages.  I can never remember the difference between Pungi and Revisor,
but you can look them up on the Fedora wiki (or check the Kickstart list
archives - they are mentioned here quite regularly).

"To err is human; to purr, feline."

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