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Re: Question about list policies

On Mon, Feb 27, 2012 at 2:55 PM, Virginian <virginian blueyonder co uk> wrote:
I don't think it would hurt to post it here. Could you tell us a little more about where the jobs are located and what exactly you are looking for?

OK - I work for a small company, Index Engines, Inc. located in Holmdel, NJ.    We have an indexing appliance that ships based on Fedora, and we've built up a bunch of code over the years to code to administrate the appliance - a perl object model that front-ends system files/tools, a CD/DVD install with a couple of disk configurations, RPM spec. files for various components of the software, etc.   We also have a development infrastructure, and we've finally hit the point where we think we can keep someone busy full time on System Administration and Software Configuration/Install stuff.

Our appliance/software indexes and manages loose filesystem data and email application data  directly from backup tapes, online backup images, and LAN crawls.   It is primarily used for legal e-discovery either during a law suit or pro-actively by an enterprise looking to process their backup tapes and build and maintain an email archive.

Here's the listing - http://www.indexengines.com/company_jobs.html#Linux System

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