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Re: clearpart -all warning

On 04/11/2012 09:41 AM, jon public wrote:
Hi there

I've customized my kickstart to delete all partitions ( clearpart --all ).
I've noticed that the installer only shows a warning message when the disk
does not have a valid partition ( like new virtual machines ).

I'm afraid that someone might wipe his entire disk if booting by mistake
from the customized disk. Is there any way of forcing anaconda to always
ask for user confirmation before erasing disk partitions?

Thanks for you help!

I suggest using your bootloader to offer a menu where the default option is not to kickstart. The syslinux bootloader can do this.

Two options:
1. nuking is not the default

for example, when booting the media (CD, USB, or PXE), you are given a menu "press enter to boot from HDD. type 'nukeit' to rebuild system"

2. nuking is default, but with a long delay
As a compromise, make "nukeit" be the default, but put in a longer delay. Be aware that pressing the Enter key will skip the delay.


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