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Variables in the %include and repo lines




Just wondering if anyone can help me here.


I’m writing a modular kickstart. I have a large number of machines to install, but I’m only responsible for the base install, other groups configure their apps etc


So, I’ve defined a repo as


repo --name ${inst_type} --baseurl=file:///tmp/APP/${inst_type}/packages


and an include of a package list as


%include /tmp/APP/${inst_type}/${config}/packages.inc




In the %pre section, I source the inst_type and config variables with:


cat /tmp/eric_mnt/kickstart/${HOSTNAME}/${HOSTNAME}_installation_param_details | sed 's/^/export /g' > /tmp/params.cfg

source /tmp/params.cfg


And that works as I use them in the pre section for other things as well.


The problem is that the install just stops, sometime after the pre scripts are run, about when I’d expect it to start installing the base packages, without giving me an error I can understand.


But, if I hard code those variables into the %include and repo lines, the build completes.


Can anyone tell me if variables are not allowed in either the %include or repo lines?





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