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Re: Can't get files to %include

On Tue, Apr 24, 2012 at 02:48:05PM +0300, Adrian Cruceru wrote:
> Hi John,
> The %include directives are parsed and used immediately after "%pre".

If I %include a file that exists on the DVD in %pre, the contents of
that file are run just as if they were in %pre themselves.

> This information is used for the install process that is between %pre 
> and %post.

See above.

> Anything you do in %post is too late, system is already installed... you 
> can't really specify install packet list "x" after it's already installed...

I can bang out a series of commands in %post.  The description of the
%include section says, "Use the %include /path/to/file command to
include the contents of another file in the kickstart file as though the
contents were at the location of the %include command in the kickstart
file."  There could be more, secret, docs somewhere with more
limitations, but... what would be the point of announcing a command that
very strongly hints it does X, tell everyone it does X, and then make it
do Y anyway?

> Not to mention the fact that %post is already chrooted in the installed 
> system, and the "/tmp" folder points to hard disk instead of ram disk.

Yes, I know.  Irrelevant... I can copy files from the DVD to /tmp in
%pre, copy them from /tmp to /mnt/sysimage/tmp in %post --nochroot, and
then access them in /tmp in %post  That isn't the issue at all.  It
isn't that I'm trying to %include files that don't exist... they do,
they're readable, they contain valid shell commands.

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