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Re: Members may not be specified for preexisting volgroup

Found the issue, but not a solution on this.  Logged a support ticket
with Red Hat.

Code was in pykickstart RPM, in particular
pykickstart/commands/volgroup.py.  Appears to be introduced with
version 1.74.12-1 or 1.74.11-1.

I was able to isolate the python code by doing the following:

1) Download and unzip pykickstart source into /tmp on another RHEL 6.4 machine.
2) Place the ks.cfg file, stolen from the failed kickstart attempt
(use scp to copy it from tty2 sessin), into the top level directory.
3) Use the following python code, modified from [1], to read the
ks.cfg, parse it, and attempt to write out the parsed contents.

--------------start cut-----------
from pykickstart.parser import *
from pykickstart.version import makeVersion
ksparser = KickstartParser(makeVersion())
outfile = open("out.cfg", "w")
-------------end cut--------------

The output of the python script dumps the same error that I see in the
anaconda window on a failed kickstart.  This allowed me to
troubleshoot and modify the volgroup.py to print out variables without
having to do a full blown kickstart.

Hope that helps someone down the road.  I will report back the final
solution when I am done with Red Hat.


[1]  https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/PykickstartIntro

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