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Initializing disk with kickstart and parted


We're using the following kickstart pre script to create partitions in the order we want on VMware ESX. By default the swap partition is put as the last partition which makes it difficult to resize the root partition on ESX server. But now kickstart always complains that drives must be initialized. Can't use the clearpart --initlabel in that case because this will destroy the partition table.

Any ideas how to do this with parted or tell kickstart to do the initlable with out deling partition table?

Thanks in advance.


set $(list-harddrives)
let numd=$#/2

case $(dmidecode -s system-product-name) in

        # Overwrite Master Boot Record
        dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/${disk0} bs=512 count=1

        # Partition must start at sector that is multiple of 8.
        # 8 * 1 Sector (512 Bytes) = 4096 Bytes (Netapp Block Size)
        parted -s /dev/${disk0} mklabel msdos
        parted -s /dev/${disk0} mkpart primary ext4     2048s 1023999s
        parted -s /dev/${disk0} mkpart primary ext4  1024000s 17801215s
        parted -s /dev/${disk0} mkpart primary ext4 17801216s      100%

        # Don't use LVM. It's not supported by gparted.
        # Don't put swap as last partition. Makes resizing vmdk easier.
        cat >/tmp/partitions.ks <<-==EOF==
        bootloader --location=mbr
        partition /boot -- --fstype=ext4
        partition swap  -- --fstype=swap
        partition /     -- --fstype=ext4

        # Office Workstations and rest
        cat >/tmp/partitions.ks <<-==EOF==
        ignoredisk --only-use=${disk0}
        bootloader --location=mbr
        clearpart --all --drives=${disk0} --initlabel
        partition /boot/efi -- --asprimary --fstype=vfat --size=200
        partition /boot     -- --asprimary --fstype=ext4 --size=500
        partition swap      -- --asprimary --fstype=swap --recommended
        partition /         -- --asprimary --fstype=ext4 --size=4096 --grow


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