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Re: pykickstart usage of OrderedDict and SNAKE

> * How do you use it in pykickstart and is it possible to change this
> for backward compatibility?

It's not used for very much.  See
b455a512ccf4bbb84e1ab0ba66c44b59537aa1d3.  We could probably come up
with another method to accomplish the same thing.  If the test cases are
written well enough, this should not be a problem.

> * In general what should we do with this kind of situation where a
> tool needs the most recent package (in this case pykcisktart) but
> runs on a stable system like RHEL 6 which has older software stack
> and the most recent versions are incompatible?

I don't really have a hard rule for these situations.  In general, I
try to keep pykickstart using an older set of python features and just
correct issues as they are brought to my attention.  I do not test
master on RHEL6, but that could also be done.

- Chris

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