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Re: Always use local disk for driveorder


I had a similar problem. As it has already been described one possible
way is to use /dev/disk/by-path/pci-*-usb-* to check for USB devices. In
my case I had to consider different partition layouts depending on the
disks available so I created a pre-install script that checks which
disks are usable for the installation, create a layout accordingly and
include that again in the kickstart config (%include /tmp/partition-schema)


For checking USB devices another way would be
  udevadm info --query=path --name=$dev | grep -q -e '/usb'

In your pre install script you could i.e. check for the availability of
an HBA and if one is present consider the size of the devices or the
'manufacture name' when probing the device to make your choice which
device to use and which to ignore. I would imagine that the SAN disk is
larger than an internal disk, or the manufacture is the one that
provides the HBA, so this may be a criterion.


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