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kickstart install with liveimg

Previously I asked about being able to run kickstart with liveinst.  Earlier today I realized that I had asked the wrong question.  The right wquestion is how to do a kickstart install where I specify liveimg to point to a previously built filesystem like one you get from a "live" iso.

First, some background:
  1. My disk layouts/partitioning separates my data from the system (software).
  2. I backup my data.
  3. If I need to reinstall a system, I install it.  Of course, this covers when I am current running Fedora X and am installing Fedora X+1.  I never install over a working system and I do not do upgrades.  I use kickstart to define the system parameters, the package selection, and the partition layouts.
  4. I test both the install and the restore processes to make sure they work.  You cannot wait until you need them to find out they do not work.  Using pre-tested kickstart files increases the likelyhood that everything works as expected.
  5. When I install a system (the software) I want to have something stable.  In the past this meant using the distribution dvd or something similar that I created using mock/pungi.
  6. With Fedora 21 I sense that there is a movement to productize Fedora and use live installs so I decided to revist how I did an install.
So, now my question is how do i use liveimg in a kickstart file and how do I boot that.

Ideally, I would like to use something like Fedora-Live-Workstation*.iso, boot it up and be able top specify ks= on the boot cmdline where that kickstart file has something like liveimg --url="" class="moz-txt-link-freetext" href="file://run/install/live">file://run/install/live

Tried this and cannot get it to work.

I also tried a different kickstart file where I specify liveimg --url="" class="moz-txt-link-freetext" href="http://">http://<part_to_Fedora-Live-Wordstation>.  This did not work either.

I also tried that last case with bootup of a netinstall iso.  This worked (sort of).  It did the install and then crashed with a traceback.

Before reporting anything, I want to understand how to do it (specify it) correctly so that it should work.

Yes, this was all done with F21 Beta-RC1 and anaconda-21.48.12-1.


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