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I need to build a couple modules into an ISO

My team has around 450 servers (and increasing) distributed around the US in batches of 2 to 12 servers, and we install/reinstall them by uploading a ISO into "vflash" (or mounting via NFS/HTTP over the OOB interface. PXE is not really an option) and then telling the hardware to boot off that.

We are using Intel 10G ethernet cards that use the ixgbe driver, but the one built into RHEL6.x doesn't work so we need to use the kmod-ixgbe ( see https://rhn.redhat.com/errata/RHEA-2011-1347.html

We usually install our servers in batches of 7 to 15, so we prefer to automate the process as much as possible (mounting a driver disk is problematic in our environment). 

Thus I would like to build this into the kickstart initrd or image.img (or wherever) so that the interfaces can be lit up (additional problem, we're using bonding) during install.

One way I have thought of doing this is to unpackage the RPM (rpm2cpio) and manually ifup the interface, but that would be sort ugly. 

Any suggestions or pointers to documents? 


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