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Re: Kickstart-list Digest, Vol 130, Issue 3

On 15/3/17 7:26 PM, Spike White wrote:
> This URL you posted seems to indicate this is a RHEL 6.1-specific
> problem.
> Have you tried a more recent RHEL6 version?  We boot just fine off 10
> GbE-capable ethernet cards (X520s or X540s). We image to RHEL 6.3 and 6.5.

I'm working with 6.5 and now 6.6. I'm not PXE booting, or "booting off
the card" (we have a huge and hugely complex network. Getting the PXE
helper set up and maintained across the network Aegean Stables level of

I'll be checking again tomorrow, but the stock ixgbe driver doesn't seem
to come up (another problem not mentioned in my first email is that
we're using bonding). I can get the network configured, but the
interfaces aren't up.

I'll try again tomorrow.

> If the switch port is set to 10 GbE, I've seen no quirkness on the
> RHEL 6.3 or 6.5 ixgbe driver.  And we've imaged hundred of servers at
> this point to RHEL 6.3 or 6.5, all with Intel NICs. 
We also routinely go straight in to routers--these servers will push
20Gb (well, about 17.5 for the bond. After that stuff starts getting

Anyway, I'll try again with the stock driver and see if it will do the
needful, but it hasn't so far.


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