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Re: Detecting boot drive

have you thought about trying to find it by UUID or Label?  I had a similar issue in a kickstart where I could not determine the boot drive while making a USB boot image.  I ended up formatting the drives with a specific LABEL and using that in the kickstart instead of using sda/sdb/etc...

Andrew Simpson

On Fri, Jan 29, 2016 at 12:53 PM, Hajducko, Steven <Steven_Hajducko intuit com> wrote:
Is there a way to consistently detect the boot-drive, across multiple hardware platforms?

We have several different hardware types - but it remains consistent that we always want the OS installed on the first drive in boot order.  We played around with --on-bios-disk, but that doesn't always work ( it fails, for instance, on Dell R820's with the PERC RAID controller ).  We've also tried specifying /dev/disk/by-id/edd-int13_dev80, which works on the Dell's, but fails on VMs.  ( And then throw HP and it's cciss into the whole mix.. ).  /dev/sda isn't always the boot disk - this happens to us with certain RAID configs like 1 logical drive and 8 JBOD's.   The JBOD's get detected as /dev/sda-h and the RAID drive ( which is the boot drive ), ends up as /dev/sdi.

Just curious if anyone else has come up with a solid way to always figure out what the boot drive is.

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