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Re: Detecting boot drive

I would suggest creating a pre install script that finds the correct
boot device by querying all available devices until you find one
that meets your constraints. You can use either udevadm or try to
find some information directly in /sys.


for i in /sys/block/[sv]d?
  dev=$(basename $i)

  # next if it's an usb device
  if udevadm info --query=path --name=$dev | grep -q -e '/usb'
    # Ignoring $dev since it's an usb device

  # do something else


On 02/01/2016 02:22 AM, Hajducko, Steven wrote:
> Can you speak more to that?  I'm not understanding how that would
> work out.  Doesn't the assignment of the label happen during the
> partition configuration - where as I need to know which disk is the
> first drive in the boot order before that ( so we can tell it that
> it has the / partition )
> This all needs to be done in a strictly automated fashion as well.
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> Subject: Re: Detecting boot drive
> have you thought about trying to find it by UUID or Label?  I had a
> similar issue in a kickstart where I could not determine the boot
> drive while making a USB boot image.  I ended up formatting the
> drives with a specific LABEL and using that in the kickstart instead
> of using sda/sdb/etc...
> Andrew Simpson
> On Fri, Jan 29, 2016 at 12:53 PM, Hajducko, Steven
> <Steven_Hajducko intuit com <mailto:Steven_Hajducko intuit com>> wrote:
>     Is there a way to consistently detect the boot-drive, across
>     multiple hardware platforms?
>     We have several different hardware types - but it remains
>     consistent that we always want the OS installed on the first
>     drive in boot order.  We played around with --on-bios-disk, but
>     that doesn't always work ( it fails, for instance, on Dell
>     R820's with the PERC RAID controller ).  We've also tried
>     specifying /dev/disk/by-id/edd-int13_dev80, which works on the
>     Dell's, but fails on VMs.  ( And then throw HP and it's cciss
>     into the whole mix.. ).  /dev/sda isn't always the boot disk -
>     this happens to us with certain RAID configs like 1 logical
>     drive and 8 JBOD's.   The JBOD's get detected as /dev/sda-h and
>     the RAID drive ( which is the boot drive ), ends up as /dev/sdi.
>     Just curious if anyone else has come up with a solid way to
>     always figure out what the boot drive is.
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