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Howto create installation image.

Hey guys,

I'm trying to port centos7 to our arm64 server. My goal is creating an installation image which execs anaconda directly after boot. 
Currently, I'm using `livemedia-creator --make-iso --no-virt --ks centos.ks`[1] on an arm64 centos docker. The livemedia-creator is cloned from lorax git tree.(rhel7-branch)
However the generated boot.iso is a LiveOS. Which runs into shell directly without executing anaconda. 
Also I found the livemedia-creator will use tmpl files under /usr/share/lorax/live which are designed for live image. The tmpl files outside of live directory seems designed for installation image. However I can't make them work after I specify them with --lorax-templates . It seems there are some syntax issue with the tmpl files. And even if I fix the syntax issue I can't generate a bootable iso.

May I know how to creating the installation image? Is livemedia-creator the correct tool to do that? Do I need to grab a special tmpl files from somewhere?

[1]: https://github.com/CentOS/AltArch/blob/master/aarch64/kickstarts/CentOS-7-aarch64-diskimage.ks

Thanks a lot in advance,

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