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RHEL 7.5 customized kickstart installation sometime stops on "Installation Destination" - No disks selected

Setup : appliance with 2 VDrives in RAID 10 and RAID 1
RHEL 7.5 based install with customized paritioning, text based install.
Most of the time  the  customized works fine  but sometimes it stops on  Generatign customized storage configuration. Installation Destination (No disks selected)

Rebooting the system and trying again - this works and install goes through. Any suggestions on how to debug this further - and what are the possible points to check



1) [x] Language settings 2) [x] Time settings
(English (United States)) (America/Los_Angeles timezone)
3) [x] Installation source 4) [x] Software selection
(Local media) (Custom software selected)
5) [!] Installation Destination 6) [x] Kdump
(No disks selected) (Kdump is disabled)
7) [ ] Network configuration 8) [ ] User creation

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