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kickstart RHEL 7 won't reboot when installing NVIDIA drivers

I have a kickstart that detects if nvidia cards are present in the pre section and creates a .ks file with the appropriate nvidia RPMS for install during the normal package installation section.  This seems to work fine.

after all of the post sections are completed, every system that has the nvidia drivers installed fails to auto reboot.  

If I switch to the GUI screen on F6, the system immediately reboots.  AMD and intel systems reboot fine without having to do this.  Otherwise, the system will sit in this state on the post terminal output screen for hours.   

This used to work prior to RHEL 7.4.  I have been unable to determine what the cause is.  There don't appear to be any error or warning in the logs.

Some reading suggests it might be a modesetting issue, which I plan on testing soon.  A workaround might be to try and add an /sbin/reboot as the last line in the post.



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