[Libguestfs] [ANNOUNCE] libguestfs 1.0.59 released

Richard W.M. Jones rjones at redhat.com
Tue Jul 14 14:25:11 UTC 2009

[This announcement covers version 1.0.58 too since it didn't get a
separate message.]

We are pleased to announce the release of libguestfs 1.0.59.

Home page: http://libguestfs.org/
Downloads: http://libguestfs.org/download
Git repo:  http://git.et.redhat.com/?p=libguestfs.git;a=summary

New in this release:

 - Support for Linux extended attributes.

 - Allow guestfish to be controlled remotely, so you can use
   one guestfish instance in a long-running shell script.

 - Support for reiserfs.

 - New function 'guestfs_zfile' -- 'file' inside compressed files.

 - New guestfish command 'reopen' -- reopen guestfish connection.

 - guestfish -x option (echo commands).

 - New function 'guestfs_version' to get the library version.

 - Many bugfixes and minor improvements:

Thanks to Matthew Booth and Jon Fautley for their contributions and


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