[Libguestfs] hivex: lintain being pedantic about spelling!

Richard W.M. Jones rjones at redhat.com
Sat Apr 3 08:26:42 UTC 2010

On Fri, Apr 02, 2010 at 07:45:19PM +0100, TJ wrote:
> Thanks very much for the responses on my last three issues. I've
> incorporated the appropriate changes into the budding Debian package.
> I feel embarrassed to raise this one, but in the interests of shutting
> lintian up maybe this could be fixed at some point:
> I: hivex: spelling-error-in-manpage usr/share/man/man1/hivexregedit.1.gz reencode re-encode
> I: libhivex-perl: spelling-error-in-manpage usr/share/man/man3/Win::Hivex::Regedit.3pm.gz reencode re-encode
> N: 
> N:    Lintian found a spelling error in the manpage. Lintian has a list of
> N:    common misspellings that it looks for. It does not have a dictionary
> N:    like a spelling checker does.
> N:    
> N:    If the string containing the spelling error is translated with the help
> N:    of gettext (with the help of po4a, for example) or a similar tool,
> N:    please fix the error in the translations as well as the English text to
> N:    avoid making the translations fuzzy. With gettext, for example, this
> N:    means you should also fix the spelling mistake in the corresponding
> N:    msgids in the *.po files.
> N:    
> N:    Severity: minor, Certainty: possible

Fixed upstream.

We don't translate manpages -- we'd like to, but I have no idea what
would be a good way to translate POD files.

> FYI: My initial aim in packaging hivex is not so much for VM guest usage
> but because it offers a neat solution to os-probe obtaining the actual
> default boot loader title from Windows BCD store partitions when
> populating GRUB menus for multi-boot systems.

I didn't know BCD was also a hive, but yes it seems you are right.
The old (pre-Vista) boot loader used a text file called BOOT.INI.
You'd have thought they'd have learned their lesson!



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