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Re: [Libguestfs] P2Vs seem to require a very robust Ethernet

After 5 or 6 hours, we aborted today's attempt, disconnected the 2nd HDD
(sdb) from the original host, and started up a new one.  

Since all we have to go on are guesses - there was a bug with the
Windows virtio network driver where the driver would go offline during
bulk copies.  I bring this up because our P2V conversion server is a
Fedora VM, probably using the Linux virtio driver. Was there a similar
bug with the Linux VirtIO driver? 

One possible sequence of events:
- Data flies fast and furious in and out of the conversion server VM to
the NFS server.
- The conversion server VM NIC goes offline.
- The source host eventually hangs or dies.
- virt-p2v-server eventually gives up and writes a cryptic log message.

Another possible sequence of events:
- The source server starts copying.
- The source server runs into a problem and either hangs or dies.
- Virt-p2v-server on the conversion server eventually times out waiting
for data.

What do you think about trying a physical conversion server, possibly
using itself as the NFS Server and RHEV Export domain?

- Greg

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Our track record for P2Vs isn't very good so far; we've had one run to
completion in about 8 or 9 tries so far.  We've tried source systems
with different versions of Windows, all but one failed. The one success
was a test Windows XP machine with one hard drive.  

We boot a Windows system from the CD, start up a P2V, it runs for an
apparently random length of time, then the P2V percentage just stops
somewhere.  The other day was 13 percent.  Today it's 8 percent.
Eventually, virt-p2v-server on the conversion server also stops and I
see a message in the log file that says, " virt-v2v: Error receiving

Is there anything we can look at from an alternate console on the source
server booted from that CD?


- Greg

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