[Libguestfs] [PATCH 2/4] febootstrap: Cope with non-existing insmod.static

Richard W.M. Jones rjones at redhat.com
Wed Jun 1 10:10:43 UTC 2011

On Wed, Jun 01, 2011 at 10:58:46AM +0200, Hilko Bengen wrote:
> * Richard W.M. Jones:
> > ACK, but once I properly test it I think I'll just make !INSMODSTATIC
> > the default and only choice.  It doesn't seem like there's any reason
> > to call out to an external program when it's so easy to do this way.
> In that case, the fork() call could go away, too.

Yes, I removed that, which made your patch 3/4 obsolete too.

> And perhaps it would even be possible to mmap() the .ko files into the
> init process instead of reading them into a buffer.

Not really any need ... the files are small.


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