[Libguestfs] [PATCH 00/13] Fix errors found using Coverity static analyzer.

Richard W.M. Jones rjones at redhat.com
Thu Jun 9 10:16:59 UTC 2011

I ran the Coverity static analyzer[1] on libguestfs, and fixed many
errors as a result.

Coverity found some errors in gnulib, but it doesn't seem to be worth
following those up since the version of gnulib we are using is so old.

There are a couple more errors (possibly 1 false-positive) which I'm
going to send in a separate email.

BTW all the errors found by Coverity were in the daemon code.  It's
unclear to me if Coverity even ran on the library code (there's no
listing of files that I can find).  However I can't see any reason why
it wouldn't have run on the library files and bindings.


[1] http://www.coverity.com/

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