[Libguestfs] Path to libguestfs 1.12

Richard W.M. Jones rjones at redhat.com
Thu Jun 30 14:20:04 UTC 2011

libguestfs 1.12 will be the next stable release of libguestfs,
following the usual version numbering scheme:


In order to coincide with the Fedora 16 schedule, I'd like to make the
1.12.0 release on or around 2011-07-20.  The Fedora 16 branch date is

Why might you care?

(1) RHEL 6.3:

*If* we were going to rebase libguestfs for RHEL 6.3 [we're not sure
yet], then we'd likely want to rebase to 1.12.x.

(2) Fedora 16:

I'm trying to get a virt-manager inspection feature into Fedora 16 and
that will require libguestfs 1.12.

(3) Wider testing:

I think Fedora 16 will get wide exposure, particularly from people who
decided to skip the adventure that was Fedora 15, so anything that
gets into libguestfs 1.12 will be seen and used by a lot of people,
whereas anything that misses the 2011-07-20 deadline will not.

There are about 3 weeks left to suggest new features or to remind me
about any bugs or RFEs that need work before then.


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