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Re: [Libguestfs] Man pages for virt-p2v-server?

I spoke too soon...

I booted my Win2003 host from a virt-v2v CD, 0.8.3 I think, made a
couple weeks ago.  It prompted for a hostname and root password, which I
supplied.  And then a message appeared on the bottom in red, "Remote
server does not define any profiles in /etc/virt-v2v.conf"

So looking at /etc/virt-v2v.conf and studying its man page, it looks
like virt-v2v.conf does have a couple of profiles defined, some with
method RHEL, some with method libvirt.  If I'm understanding how this
works, that method line defines the output of a migration.  And other
profile attributes are equivalents for virt-v2v command switches.  But
then it has a few <network> sections that don't look like they are part
of any profile.  

So apparently that virt-v2v CD is looking for a particular profile
relevant to the host it boots from, or maybe a profile with certain
specific attributes.  How do I figure out what this profile should look

And then a feature request - I wonder if it would be easier all around
if the virt-p2v CD would prompt for the attributes it wants instead of
looking for a profile on the conversion host?  If prompting is not
feasible, is there any guidance available or maybe some template
profiles to use when migrating with virt-p2v?


- Greg Scott

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