[Libguestfs] febootstrap 3.x use cases.

Carwyn Edwards carwyn at carwyn.com
Mon Apr 2 10:59:03 UTC 2012

I'm confused! What use cases is the new febootstrap primarily intended
for? I'm mainly trying to figure out if I'm trying to put a square peg
into a round hole.

What I'm looking into is using linux containers (LXC) either using
libvirt or lxc-tools) to create jails for a web hosting type
environment. I can see that in the long run btrfs has some nice
features to help with this too.

Is febootstrap really intended for this kind of use case?

I can see two mechanisms that might work for what I'm trying to do:

 * Figure out how to create application containers around
apache/whateverwebserver with a docroot and virtually no other
filesystem. The down side to this is that it needs a lot of stuff
added to the jail to make it work.

 * Use something like febootstrap or btrfs to create minimal
filesystem roots for each hosted environment. This seems simpler if a
little overkill.

I'll probably ask over at the lxc lists and take a look at OpenVZ too.
I'm mainly interested in finding out more about the intended use of
febootstrap here.



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