[Libguestfs] Suggestions on building VM disks from scratch

Richard W.M. Jones rjones at redhat.com
Wed Apr 4 20:41:12 UTC 2012


You can run grub from the guest (assuming it's a Linux guest), by
doing in guestfish:

  sh "grub-install [other parameters]"

There are some provisos which you can read about here:


We also provide a grub-install command which runs the grub from the
host on the guest.  This requires that the two versions match each
other, and it needs further development work to make a fully general
bootloader installer that would be secure and usable.


The issue with rsync is how to make it available from libguestfs.
rsync needs an 8 bit clean connection of some sort, usually an rsh or
ssh connection, and we could provide that.

However we are also trying to extend libguestfs to work remotely, and
then it becomes complex to route that connection from the client side
to the remote appliance (eg) over a libvirt connection.

Anyway if you want to add rsync, just add the package name to
appliance/packagelist.in and rebuild from source.


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