[Libguestfs] inspect_os error with Win7 image

Skippy VonDrake skippyvondrake at gmail.com
Mon Dec 17 23:01:14 UTC 2012

> It's possible we could add a HIVEX_OPEN_FIXUP flag or something like
> that.  In this case (empty hbins) it would probably be safe, but I'd
> worry about trying to "fix" more egregious registry errors,
> particularly since we don't fully understand the format.

That would be very useful... with obvious caveats.

> You'll also need to enable libguestfs verbose messages:
>   guestfs_set_verbose (g, 1);
> That should dump everything to stderr, and with hivex debug you really
> will get a very large amount of debugging info.  If it hangs again,
> let us know where (please file a bug with all the verbose output until
> the hang).

But report filed.

> If you were feeling very adventurous, you could run the "visualizer"
> program from:

That does appear adventurous!  ;)  Who know. Maybe...
Thanks for the help.

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