[Libguestfs] [PATCH] run: Don't fail on missing LIBGUESTFS_PATH if --disable-appliance

Hilko Bengen bengen at hilluzination.de
Sun May 19 15:32:17 UTC 2013

* Richard W.M. Jones:

> I think this change defeats the point of the original error which was
> to force the user to set the path to something. Also how do we know
> that @libdir@/guestfs will be an appliance? It seems unlikely to
> contain anything useful, or it could even contain a different
> appliance from an installed copy of libguestfs which would be actively
> wrong.


> In order to build the virt-sysprep documentation we have to run
> virt-sysprep (to dump out the table of operations supported by the
> binary).  Specifically it runs:
>   ../run ./virt-sysprep --dump-pod[-options]
> which are internal flags to get the binary to print out the
> documentation.  An appliance should not be needed for this of course.
> As you say, this fails at the moment unnecessarily.
> Your first version of this patch fixed this just fine (apart from
> printing a harmless warning) and works for me.  So I don't understand
> the need to have the ./run script setting LIBGUESTFS_PATH as in this
> second version.

I ran into another issue -- fish/test-events.sh would fail if no
LIBGUESTFS_PATH was set because the "trace get_path" line in the output
would list the GUESTFS_DEFAULT_PATH that is compiled into the library.

This can probably be fixed in test-events.sh itself, however.


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