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[Libguestfs] Ubuntu and ZFS

Moved from Richard's blog to here....

A couple of people have requested removing the dependency on zfs-fuse from the ubuntu packages that Richard released last week, and there is some confusion about the state of ZFS in Ubuntu.

There are 2 Linux compatible implementations of ZFS, zfs-fuse (http://gitweb.zfs-fuse.net/) and ZFS on Linux (http://zfsonlinux.org/).

ZFS-fuse is in the official Ubuntu repos but is rather outdated and almost all development has stopped.

ZFS on Linux (aka ZoL) is an open source but license incompatible kernel module that is under active development and released as source packages for most major distos. There is a ppa for Ubuntu here: https://launchpad.net/~zfs-native/+archive/stable

ZoL is actively used in various NAS distros, as well as things like proxmox. I am currently using it as a backup target combined with rsync and snapshots.

ZFS-fuse and ZoL packages can't be installed together and so installing guestfish which depends on zfs-fuse causes removal of the ZoL packages.

Tim Fletcher
<tim night-shade org uk>

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