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[Libguestfs] virt-resize problem for Windows 2003


     I'm using virt-resize to expand the primary partition (C:) in a Windows 2003 image. The command works fine but after expanding, when I boot into Windows 2003, all the other partitions (D:, E:, and F:) are lost. After using the disk management tool within Windows 2003, I can re-label the above three partitions and all the files are still there. But it is really annoying because every time you have to do some work by hand after expanding the disk size. As below is the details:

Host OS: RHEL6.3
libguestfs: libguestfs-1.16.19-1.el6.x86_64             

Guest OS partitions:
           C:    /dev/sda1  primary             
           D:    /dev/sda5  logical             
           E:    /dev/sda6  logical             
           F:    /dev/sda7  logical

Also, if I use virt-resize on logical partitions (i.e., D: E: or F:), the command runs fine but logical partitions don't actually expand. Exactly the same problem as descripted above shows up, and now, these logical partitions don't even change their sizes. Any suggestions?


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