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[Libguestfs] Accessing iSCSI disc images from the RHEV Manager using libguestfs

Dear libguestfs developers,


We are developing the protected enterprise system based on several Red Hat technologies (Red Hat Enterprise Virtualisation, the IdM server and so on). Our current goal is to prevent the booting of the virtual machine in case of integrity loss. So what we are trying to do Is to intercept the event of the VM’s start (using the RHEV Manager hook scripts), mount  the starting VM’s disk image with libguestfs and check the hash sums of the system files.


When we have a local storage of disk images (manager, hypervisor and storage – all in one host),  this approach works just perfect.


But even a little bit complex network (with at least one manager, one hypervisor and one iSCSI/FC storage – three standalone physical hosts) blows our minds. RHEV Manager API provides the list of disk images which are (in this configurations) are logical volumes on the hypervisor and appear in hypervisor’s /dev/mapper directory. But libguestfs from RHEV manager cannot access them. Examples from libguestfs and guestfish guide (for instance, over ssh) do not work. And even more, which host should we access – a hypervisor (with a different logical volumes) or a storage (with a monolith volume group)?


Software version: RHEV 3.1, libguestfs 1.16.34, guest OS – RHEL 6.4, arch: x86_64.


P.S. May be I had to post this message directly to the support, but I’d suggest that this topic would be useful for community.


Thank you,

Виталий Исаев


Группа разработки и внедрения ПСЗИ

Департамент информационной безопасности

ОАО «Финтех»


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