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Re: [Libguestfs] HA: Accessing iSCSI disc images from the RHEV Manager using libguestfs

On Fri, Nov 22, 2013 at 11:40:45AM +0000, Исаев Виталий Анатольевич wrote:
> Unfortunately, placing the link into the /boot does not work. libguestfs-test-tool failes with the same message:
> libguestfs: [00000ms] febootstrap-supermin-helper --verbose -f checksum '/usr/lib64/guestfs/supermin.d' x86_64
> supermin helper [00000ms] whitelist = (not specified), host_cpu = x86_64, kernel = (null), initrd = (null), appliance = (null)
> supermin helper [00000ms] inputs[0] = /usr/lib64/guestfs/supermin.d
> febootstrap-supermin-helper: failed to find a suitable kernel.
> I looked for kernels in /boot and modules in /lib/modules.

That's odd because it didn't seem to find any kernels in /boot.

The normal behaviour is to try to find all files matching



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