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Re: [Libguestfs] does guestfs_list_partitions() work with Windows 95 images?

It's possible that the disk is not partitioned, ie. that what you've
got here is a straight filesystem.  You could see if libguestfs can
mount it:

  guestfish --ro -a disk.img -m /dev/sda
  ><fs> ll /

That worked! Thanks for the help.

Now I'm tweaking my old code and just replacing my guestfs_mount()
call with a hard-coded "guestfs_mount(g, "/dev/sda",'/");

Next task is to review my registry changes and see if those registries
even exist in Win95.

What this code does is open the image, tweaks some registry settings
to use some "generic" drivers and uploads those drivers. With the
goal of running the VM without resulting in a BSOD. But I might just try
and remove all the "tweaking" and see if a Virtual Box VM can just boot 
up the image. Might get lucky.

Besides - I doubt those drivers are Win95 compatible. 

I'll let you know how it goes.

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