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Re: [Libguestfs] Add support for slackware in supermin


(please do not top-reply...)

On Tuesday 11 November 2014 18:32:10 Mathieu Bouillaguet wrote:
> What I was suggesting, is to let the user manage depencies himself.
> This is what slackware users are used to do anyway.
> It means that we should be able to provide an exhaustive list of
> needed packages on the command line.
> As the semantic differ from the usual treatment of the PACKAGES
> arguments of supermin --prepare, this could be managed by a new
> option implying "do not search or install depencies for the given
> packages".
> What do you think ?

What you are suggesting covers just one of the requirements of supermin 
for the package manager. The others, which I wrote in a previous email, 
- query name, version, epoch (if existing), architecture of a package
- get the last "change time" of the package manager
- get the file list of a package (possibly with the information about
  which ones are "configuration files")
- download a package

What supermin needs seems not met by the too limited package management 
on slackware, I'm afraid.

On the other hand, this does not imply you cannot use libguestfs: with a 
driver-less supermin, you can build libguestfs without an appliance
(--disable-appliance), and use a "fixed appliance", i.e. an appliance 
built on a different system, pointing libguestfs to it. See also 
and you can find our Fedora-based appliances here:

Pino Toscano

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