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Re: [Libguestfs] virt-v2v: Died at /usr/bin/virt-p2v-server line 411


Answers below :

Le 13/11/2014 16:06, Richard W.M. Jones a écrit :
This is the last thing it does before unwinding:

libguestfs: trace: cp "/transferxdTiHj/windows/rhev-apt.exe" "/Program
Files/RedHat/V2V Firstboot"
libguestfs: trace: cp = 0

So, maybe the guest is out of disk space, or has filesystem corruption?

New v2v enforces a minimum free space on mountable fses which I don't
think was in the old version.  If c:\ has less than 50 MB free it will
refuse to convert it.  Use 'virt-df' to check.

That said I would be surprised if the 'cp' succeeded but v2v crashed
suddenly because of insufficient space.


Do I have to understand that :
- I should perform a fsck on my guest filesystem before the P2V?


Well, anyway, on the source, I forced a fsck, then tried again, with no improvement.

- Finally, when you write about the "NEW" v2v, what version do you
speak about? Is the one I used ( not new enough? (I know it
is not the very last, but quite decent though).

1.28.x here:

I am using libguestfs through oVirt 3.4 (RHEV), and whoever knows this project knows how intricated the packages are. As this is a production environment, I can not play with trying to change libguestfs on the oVirt manager. But I would be enthusiastic to install a dedicated P2V server, on RH7, with the very last libguestfs, if that helps me to insure our future P2V will succeed. But according to what I understood so far, I'm not sure one can install such a P2V server, independent of any oVirt setup.

As a matter of fact, I'll be glad to test the last libguestfs version, but I don't know where I could use it?

Nicolas Ecarnot

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