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Re: [Libguestfs] missing file from 'supermin' git repository

On Thu, Sep 18, 2014 at 08:01:28PM -0400, Assaf Gordon wrote:
> I really like to potential of libguestfs, if it only worked for
> those darn BSDs :)
> Anyhow, I'm now trying to recompile libguestfs, which requires
> 'supermin' and ton of other packages...

Make sure you read the README closely.

> In the "supermin" git repository on github, there's at least one
> missing file "lib/Makefile.am" - it is references in "configure.ac",
> and so "autogen.sh/bootstrap/autoreconf" fail - which in turn
> prevents "./configure" from completing.

This is probably a gnulib file.  If you run ./bootstrap and/or
./autogen.sh it should appear.


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