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Re: [Libguestfs] Help: how to change default disk size when doing test

On Tue, May 26, 2015 at 05:13:55PM +0800, Pino wrote:
> Hi Rich,
>     I am developing a patch for btrfs enhancement: btrfs-convert.
> When I do test, run: make check tests, in dir
> libguestfs/tests/c-api, I got these error:
>           0/516 test_btrfs_convert_0
>     libguestfs: error: btrfs_convert: /dev/sda1: block size is too small
>     conversion aborted.
>     FAIL: test_btrfs_convert_0
>     I also ran "btrfs-convert" command to deal with a 100MB img file
> outside the guestfish, I got the same err msg, so it is a
> litmitation of btrfs-convert
>     So my question is:
>         How to changed the default disk size, when do: make check tests

The tests/c-api/ tests use certain fixed size disks, to make those
tests run quickly (if we had to create new disks for every test,
they'd run very slowly indeed).

The fixed disk sizes are described here:


If you want to write a more complicated test that requires a larger
disk, then you should put it into tests/btrfs/ instead.

In generator/actions.ml, leave the `tests' field out, and add a
`tests_excuse' line explaining that the tests are located in


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