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Re: [Libguestfs] P2V using 2 physical machines - Fedora OS installed on both

On Tue, Nov 03, 2015 at 05:11:38PM +0530, Praveen Tiwari wrote:
> Thanks for your time Richard.
> We are still unable to proceed :( Please find the steps which we followed.
> 1. Installed Fedora 21 on both the physical machines. (PHYSICAL HARDWARE 1
> , 2 == PHY1, PHY2).The hardwares used are HP SL nodes which has Hardware
> RAID0 configured.
> 2. Installed following packages : yum install qemu libvirt-client
> virt-manager   virt-viewer guestfish libguestfs-tools virt-top
> 3. On the First physical hardware (P2V Machine PHY1), we execute the
> following commands:
>    virt-p2v-make-kickstart fedora
>    livecd-creator p2v.ks
> 4  This creates the "livecd-p2v-2xxxxxx.iso which is copied outside of the
> PHY1 P2V server.(We copy it on desktop)
> 5. We boot the same first physical machine, PHY1 by attaching the ISO as
> Virtual CDROM device from the ILO console
> 6. We are able to see the Conversion Server' GUI login screen
> 7. After entering the credentials, we click on 'Test Connection' with
> Conversion Server details' (SSH is working fine for the Conversion server,
> PHY2 !)
>    'Next' button is never enabled !!! The error message says "End of File"

It's all good up to step 6.

Step 7 is a bug in virt-p2v, where it doesn't reveal the real error
message (see BZ# that I previously posted).  However you can try to
diagnose the real problem:

In the virt-p2v GUI, press Ctrl+Alt+F1.

This should give you a root shell.  If you need to log in, use root
with the password p2v

Then do:

  ssh root name-of-v2v-conversion-server

and fix any problem that may be stopping you from ssh-ing to the
conversion server.

Once you've fixed those, the 'test connection' button should work.


Richard Jones, Virtualization Group, Red Hat http://people.redhat.com/~rjones
Read my programming and virtualization blog: http://rwmj.wordpress.com
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