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Re: [Libguestfs] [PATCH] po-docs: disable parallel build

On Fri, Nov 13, 2015 at 12:59:00PM -0600, Richard Tollerton wrote:
> Automating the master build from scratch requires some annoying hassles
> thanks to 1ea1646e6f224dbc5b3922bb3c65aab4d71a9cb9. This can be worked
> around by running the requisite commands first, i.e.,
>     rm -f po-docs/podfiles && make -C po-docs update-po && make
> But after that, there still appears to be a race in the po-docs
> build (reproduced on -j12 on an E5-1650 v2):
>     make[2]: Entering directory 'libguestfs-git/src/libguestfs/po-docs'
>     Making all in ja
>     make[3]: Entering directory 'libguestfs-git/src/libguestfs/po-docs/ja'
>     make[3]: *** No rule to make target 'guestfish-actions.pod', needed by
>     'guestfish.1'. Stop.
> This appears to go away if you set .NOTPARALLEL in all of po-docs.
> Signed-off-by: Richard Tollerton <rich tollerton ni com>
> ---
>  po-docs/Makefile.am | 2 ++
>  1 file changed, 2 insertions(+)
> diff --git a/po-docs/Makefile.am b/po-docs/Makefile.am
> index a274898..617e8ad 100644
> --- a/po-docs/Makefile.am
> +++ b/po-docs/Makefile.am
> @@ -88,3 +88,5 @@ podfiles: Makefile
>  	for f in `cat $(top_srcdir)/po/POTFILES-pl`; do echo $(top_srcdir)/$$f; done >> $ -t
>  	LC_ALL=C sort -o $ -t $ -t
>  	mv $ -t $@
> +
> -- 
> 2.6.2

The bug that was causing 1ea1646e6 in the first place was subtle, and
I wish I'd written down more detail about exactly why (I thought) it
was impossible to fix ...

Anyway, adding .NOTPARALLEL may be the right fix, but I can't see how
it will help unless we also revert 1ea1646e6.  So at minimum you need
to send a revert commit as well.

Also we might need to add .NOTPARALLEL to po-docs/language.mk too.

Also it needs a big comment explaining exactly why we are doing this,
since what will inevitably happen later is someone will wonder why the
file has .NOTPARALLEL and try to remove it.


Richard Jones, Virtualization Group, Red Hat http://people.redhat.com/~rjones
Read my programming and virtualization blog: http://rwmj.wordpress.com
virt-p2v converts physical machines to virtual machines.  Boot with a
live CD or over the network (PXE) and turn machines into KVM guests.

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