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Re: [Libguestfs] Fwd: [PATCH] v2v: virtio-win: include *.dll too

On Tue, 2015-11-17 at 19:44 +0000, Richard W.M. Jones wrote:
> I think one - maybe final? - problem.  How can I tell the difference
> between drivers for "client" versions of Windows (eg. Windows 7)
> and server versions of Windows (eg. Windows 2008 Server)?
> It seems in many or most cases the drivers are identical, eg:
> $ md5sum viostor/2k12/amd64/* viostor/w8/amd64/*
> bbe250c13bf891fd7292ccab9908a63a  viostor/2k12/amd64/viostor.cat
> c2fdfc6a47fdc9dd25242441cdf1a68e  viostor/2k12/amd64/viostor.inf
> 5ca2cadca2214b90196755dab06676f4  viostor/2k12/amd64/viostor.pdb
> 80c5ea60a69f37e965cb277383abd067  viostor/2k12/amd64/viostor.sys
> bbe250c13bf891fd7292ccab9908a63a  viostor/w8/amd64/viostor.cat
> c2fdfc6a47fdc9dd25242441cdf1a68e  viostor/w8/amd64/viostor.inf
> 5ca2cadca2214b90196755dab06676f4  viostor/w8/amd64/viostor.pdb
> 80c5ea60a69f37e965cb277383abd067  viostor/w8/amd64/viostor.sys
> $ md5sum Balloon/2k12/amd64/* Balloon/w8/amd64/*
> d4104f08e674ab9def49d086d960349d  Balloon/2k12/amd64/balloon.cat
> 0325b7e0552e1567292eb6c1068fee18  Balloon/2k12/amd64/balloon.inf
> ac2116f04fd678d0e264f34e3bf90d1e  Balloon/2k12/amd64/balloon.pdb
> c975501dd5b43ade3717722b81acbc1f  Balloon/2k12/amd64/balloon.sys
> 56f63afdd992a5395a4d8da6a52e559e  Balloon/2k12/amd64/blnsvr.exe
> c539f2056fb196da377d14180fda195c  Balloon/2k12/amd64/blnsvr.pdb
> d10864c1730172780c2d4be633b9220a  Balloon/2k12/amd64/WdfCoInstaller01011.dll
> d4104f08e674ab9def49d086d960349d  Balloon/w8/amd64/balloon.cat
> 0325b7e0552e1567292eb6c1068fee18  Balloon/w8/amd64/balloon.inf
> ac2116f04fd678d0e264f34e3bf90d1e  Balloon/w8/amd64/balloon.pdb
> c975501dd5b43ade3717722b81acbc1f  Balloon/w8/amd64/balloon.sys
> 56f63afdd992a5395a4d8da6a52e559e  Balloon/w8/amd64/blnsvr.exe
> c539f2056fb196da377d14180fda195c  Balloon/w8/amd64/blnsvr.pdb
> d10864c1730172780c2d4be633b9220a  Balloon/w8/amd64/WdfCoInstaller01011.dll
> (completely identical)
> $ md5sum viostor/2k8/amd64/* viostor/w7/amd64/*d1132fbd27c98f25ea71a6eb4037b2f8  viostor/2k8/amd64/viostor.cat
> defccbe48aca1cd97fee4d7b16053b72  viostor/2k8/amd64/viostor.inf
> 6da6120368c097806e4ac7fc6b940810  viostor/2k8/amd64/viostor.pdb
> 63b05edfb75d9dc60e82ab3c0bfee701  viostor/2k8/amd64/viostor.sys
> af0cca02244fcfedf3209aef56610464  viostor/w7/amd64/viostor.cat
> defccbe48aca1cd97fee4d7b16053b72  viostor/w7/amd64/viostor.inf
> 6da6120368c097806e4ac7fc6b940810  viostor/w7/amd64/viostor.pdb
> 63b05edfb75d9dc60e82ab3c0bfee701  viostor/w7/amd64/viostor.sys
> (almost identical, *.cat files are different)
> In any case the *.inf files don't seem to have any distinguishing
> feature which would allow us to check this.
> Maybe this doesn't matter?

Let me explain how it works:
We don't make any difference between server or client platforms when
building our drivers. Initially, all the files, mentioned above (inf,
cat, sys, and pdb), are absolutely the same. Then the files go to QE for
WHQL testing. QE tests the same drivers on both, desktop and server
platforms, and creates two different submissions files for sending them
to WHQL dashboard togather with the original "cat" file.
As the result, we have two different cat files created from the same
original one.

As far as I remember, there shouldn't be any problem to swap these two
cat files, and use them interchangeable. But it will be better get some
conformation from QE team.

Best regards,

> Rich.

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