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Re: [Libguestfs] [Error] guestfsd: /usr/lib/libaugeas.so.0: version `AUGEAS_0.16.0' not found (required by guestfsd)

On Sun, Oct 18, 2015 at 01:26:30PM +0300, Efstratios Skleparis wrote:
> Goodmornin,
> Since I am running ubuntu I  did " nm -D /usr/lib64/libaugeas.so.0 | grep
> AUGEAS " and I didn't find "AUGEAS_0.16.0" , but I got this instead :
> 0000000000000000 A AUGEAS_0.1.0
> 0000000000000000 A AUGEAS_0.10.0
> 0000000000000000 A AUGEAS_0.11.0
> 0000000000000000 A AUGEAS_0.12.0
> 0000000000000000 A AUGEAS_0.14.0
> 0000000000000000 A AUGEAS_0.15.0
> 0000000000000000 A AUGEAS_0.8.0

If you didn't get that symbol on the _host_, then that's pretty
strange.  It means daemon/guestfsd was linked wrongly.  Maybe you had
a later version of libaugeas-dev installed, and then downgraded it.

I suggest:

make distclean -k
rm config.cache
make quickcheck

> Hmm seems weird I downloaded and compiled successfully augeas library 1.4
> version from the tarball , it's the latest version, correct me if I am not
> wrong ?

Somehow daemon/guestfsd isn't linked against the same version of
Augeas that you think it is.  I don't know how that happened.


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