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Re: [Libguestfs] libguestfs-winsupport

On Tue, Oct 27, 2015 at 02:39:58PM +0300, Maxim Perevedentsev wrote:
> I forgot:
> My repo has libguestfs-1.28.1-1.18. But for 1.31.X everything seems
> to work without libguestfs-winsupport.

Not sure how that works.  You'll need libguestfs-winsupport to access
Windows guests, and that will be the case in RHEL 7.2 upwards.

> Second part of question is:
> Will libguestfs-winsupport be needed for v1.30? 1.32?

On RHEL/CentOS, yes.

> And third:
> We came to
> > yum install ntfs-3g ntfsprogs ntfs-3g-devel
> > echo 'libguestfs-winsupport' >
> /usr/lib64/guestfs/supermin.d/zz-winsupport
> But this does not work somehow.

The echo command is saying "add libguestfs-winsupport to the
appliance", but supermin ignores packages which are not installed, so
if libguestfs-winsupport isn't installed that command will be ignored.
Whether or not you installed ntfs-3g on the host is irrelevant.

Anyway, I suggest installing libguestfs-winsupport-7.2 (although if
you have previously force-installed packages or overwritten random
distro files then all bets are off).

> Can we make libguestfs-1.28 work with ntfs without conflicts with
> existing ntfs-3g and, desirably, without copying ntfs-3g (as, ASAIK,
> in winsupport-7.2.1)?

This might work, but I didn't test it:

  echo ntfs-3g > /usr/lib64/guestfs/supermin.d/local-ntfs-3g


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